The Birthday Skirt Story

Birthday Skirt was born on my daughter Isla’s 4th Birthday. Her grandmother, lovingly called Mia, made her a special skirt to wear for her birthday. It was even embroidered with her name on it. From then on, Isla and her sister Ainsley would get a new “birthday skirt” from Mia on their birthday. Mia soon taught me how to sew skirts for the girls to play in and something special for their first trip to Disney World. When I would take the girls to the park or to the store I was always stopped by other moms who wanted to know where I bought such cute skirts. I said their grandmother and I made them. I began making skirts for family, friends, and strangers. I realized there was a need for a skirt that was not just special and pretty but also able to withstand rough play. We started selling the skirts at my daughters school craft show and Birthday Skirt was born. Every skirt is beautiful, made from 100% cotton, and hand sewn for strong, dirty, durable kid play. Now Mia and I are teaching the girls how to sew. Birthday Skirt has brought our family closer than ever with three generations sewing together! We hope you enjoy your Birthday Skirt as much as we enjoy making them.

Thank you!

Christiana Dukes

In July of 2017, we were fortunate enough to partner with Beverly's Birthdays. Beverly’s Birthdays is a Pittsburgh nonprofit organization, that provides birthday cheer for children experiencing homelessness and families in-need. We were so moved by their efforts, we wanted to help. A portion of each of the Birthday Skirt Classic we sell goes directly to Beverly's Birthdays. The work they do to bring smiles to kids in our area means the world to us and we are delighted to be able to help support their cause.